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I hereby agree that in exchange for the opportunity to view the confidential screener "The World is My Country" here-in referred to as (“The Film”) I hereby acknowledge, I am entering a confidential relationship and will neither disclose the password to anyone nor engage in the production of any video, film, screenplay or motion picture about Garry Davis (“Garry”) during the term of this contract which remains in force until one year following the public release of (“The Film”.) I agree not to post (“The Film”) or any excerpts, images, transcripts, or audio thereof, on the internet; forward it to anyone; or otherwise disseminated it without express written permission from the Director of “The World Is My Country”, Arthur Kanegis. The confidential material includes our videotaping of Garry Davis and all historic films/images/documents we located through our substantial research efforts. I acknowledge that any breach of this agreement could cause irreparable harm to the release, distribution and marketing opportunities for (“The Film”.) I will be responsible for the full costs and damages, including any/all court costs and legal fees, for any such breach. I further acknowledge that Arthur Kanegis holds all film and motion picture rights to the life story of Garry Davis; and that any duplication or distribution of (“The Film”) or excerpts thereof without prior written agreement, shall be considered an infringement on the copyrights held by Arthur Kanegis and shall be subject to all remedies for infringement, including statutory damages, contained in Title 17 of the United States Code. Arthur Kanegis is producing The Film in conjunction with Future Wave, Inc., incorporated in the State of Maryland, and this agreement shall be interpreted according the laws of Maryland. Nothing in this agreement shall be deemed to constitute a partnership or employment, and no monies shall be due me unless specifically agreed to in writing. This agreement will not prevent me from talking or writing about the details of Garry’s life which have been reported in the news media. By clicking SUBMIT on this Agreement I place in force and effect the details of this agreement, which shall be considered date/time stamped at the time of such transmission.